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KOLEKLEIN’s “Atomic Blast” is a Head Banger’s Wet Dream.

While the rest of us are busy Spring cleaning, KOLEKLEIN has been hard at work manifesting “Atomic Bomb” ; and it is down right FILTHY.

This track wastes literally no time, with the drop within the first minute. Think of a Venus flytrap: Draws you in slowly, almost trance like before it snatches you up whole.

“Atomic Blast” is an insane hybrid dubstep, with just the right amounts of synth and snare to satisfy even the most pickiest of EDM palates.

“Atomic Blast” Now on SoundCloud!

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Zedd’s New Art Installation Made Of LEGOs Has A Hidden Omnia Room & More

Nothing screams “Living my best life” quite like walking past a wall in your multi million dollar house and thinking “Its empty in this b****”

So, remember back in March last year when Zedd flexed on all of us with his very own personal Skittle machine whilst taking us on a “Crib -Style” tour of his $16 million dollar Beverly Hills estate..? Earlier this week however he showcased one of the most unique art installations to grace a residential to date. The Sistine Chapel of Legos.  Yes, Legos.

Created by LEGO Artist & enthusiast Dante Dentoni, this insanely intricate vision replaced a major chunk of the DJ’s kitchen wall, However, as visually stunning as it is on the surface, the real beauty certainly lies within. Prepare to take a seat.

IG: @dantedentoniart

In a video clip posted on Facebook earlier this week, Zedd casually showcases what appears to be an explosion of Legos blown into the wall, but a closer look reveals a fully functional LEGO city that only one word can describe it: LIT.

Within, lay a mini Zedd-topia, complete with working club nights and LEGO ravers legitimately breaking LEGO club fire code regulations.

Since becoming one of the top resident Djs in Las Vegas, it only seemed fitting to build a tiny Club Omnia in this bad boy right? Every detail, from the packed dance floor and Lego ravers caught posed mid-selfie, to the mini Zedd, complete with all of his set equipment.

As the visual tour continues, you’ll run into an “Alien Abduction Room” {Random, but we can dig it dude), an oasis with an LED stream that would make Electric Avenue jealous, and for you PC gamers, you’re sure to appreciate the room devoted entirely to Zedd’s favorite game, Overwatch.      *Fans self with mousepad*

This art installation literally screams Zedd. His popularity has been gaining momentum rapidly these days; so much in fact that he has decided to extend his already highly successful residency in Las Vegas to 2020, blessing us with another summer of ridiculous sets.

Game undoubtedly recognized Game already this year, as the multi award winning DJ is up for 3 awards for his song “The Middle” at the 61st Annual Grammys, being held Feb. 10th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

You go, boy.


The year has barely started and already we are seeing some big things manifesting on the EDM front, and Zedd most definitely has all of us rave rats beyond hyped for the festival season. Whether its a crazy addition to his home, or another mind blowing set, Zedd’s eccentricity and artistic gangster will forever keep the Dance community wanting more of his greatness.

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House Music Meets Haute Cotour: Alison Wonderland Slays Vogue Czechoslovakia

“2018 has been wild (quote from Alison Wonderland’s Ig) is a major understatement as it pertains to the year that Alexandra Sholler, aka. Alison Wonderland had last year. Not only did she bless us with a BOSS set at Tomorrowland 2018‘s Main Stage but literally snatched iTune’s edges when she released her second studio album Awake in April of that year, which skyrocketed her to the #1 spot on Billboard‘s “Top Dance/Electronic Albums” list.  So it comes to no surprise that not only has Alison proven to be a Damsel of the Decks, but she can deliver the same ferocity and feline-cool like vibes to even a Vogue photo shoot.

Yas, Queen.

The shoot showcases an artistically woven montage of video clips capturing Alison Wonderland submerged in various degrees of water. It’s cryptic yet beautiful, femme and most definitely fatale. In one of her Instagram posts, she wrote: 

“I never thought someone like me would be shot for Vogue Czechoslovakia in a lake  & it was magical.”– Alexandra Sholler

– Alexandra Sholler
In addition to this beautiful shoot, another successful album release, and amazing performances from her own tour as well as at Tomorrowland 2018, last year was only a preview of what can be expected from Alison Wonderland, as she announced the Lost Mind Tour for early 2019 alongside Dillon Francis. The first show will be held at The Sylvee in Madison, Wisconsin on January  31st. All tour dates and ticket info can be found on Alison Wonderland’s official website.


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