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Mask Off: The Man Behind the Gas Mask, DJ Blown

As you guys know, it has been a summer of firsts for me as far as the festival circuit is concerned. Along the way I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet both pioneers of the EDM scene, as well as some reputable up and comers. One honorable mention that has stuck with me so far, is Tyler Webb AKA DJ Blown.

I met Tyler via Instagram a week or two after Bass Canyon, and was pschyed to hear that he would be performing at Lost Lands (Presented by Excision) in the up & coming weeks. I was even more elated to know he had just enough free time to let me pick his brain a little bit.

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Meet the Damsel of Dubstep: Jessica Audiffred

With her neck-breaking set at Bass Canyon still fresh in our minds, Jessica Audiffred is becoming the queen of Head Bang hierarchy.

Jessica Audiffred

The B2B(x9)

Bass Canyon 2019

Just a couple weekends ago, I got the opportunity to attend my first Bass Canyon presented by Excision, and I have a renewed love for Dubstep and heavy bass in my face. With 3 days of head banging filthy dubs, a plethora of different vendors. not to mention that VIEW,  Bass Canyon was made memorable by the pioneers of bass literally vibrating the Gorge for 72 hours.

Day 3

On the night of Day 3, Excision blessed us all with a special B2B2B2…(2B). I kid you not, it was one hell of a function on the booth. Towards the end, he brought out one of the many memorable and up and coming artists, Jessica Audiffred.

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