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KOLEKLEIN’s “Atomic Blast” is a Head Banger’s Wet Dream.

While the rest of us are busy Spring cleaning, KOLEKLEIN has been hard at work manifesting “Atomic Bomb” ; and it is down right FILTHY.

This track wastes literally no time, with the drop within the first minute. Think of a Venus flytrap: Draws you in slowly, almost trance like before it snatches you up whole.

“Atomic Blast” is an insane hybrid dubstep, with just the right amounts of synth and snare to satisfy even the most pickiest of EDM palates.

“Atomic Blast” Now on SoundCloud!

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DJ John Beaver & Thomas Radman kick off Coachella with a Special Underground Mix [Read]

This year’s Coachella is about to be the most iconic it as ever been for the duo as they celebrate 15 years of rocking the desert.

The festival season’s most anticipated event will be made even more incredible, as mix master DJ John Beaver and Thomas Radman have put together an underground dance mix featuring all of the Techno, Deep House, and Progressive artists to perform this year.

Every year, they create mixes featuring all of the artists that play the festival, and this year the mix DJs have banged out 4 mixes in total to set the mood for edm lovers attending Coachella this year.

As of right now, the underground dance mix is out now, with the remaining mixes to be released next Friday!

DJ John Beaver & Thomas Radman Scorch Their Way Through the Desert

DJ John Beaver

This year’s event is a special one for Coachella’s mix DJs, John Beaver and Thomas Radman as it is their 5th year performing at Coachella. Already gaining popularity, They’ve set fire to several of the desert stages; from the massive Sahara Tent to the vast campgrounds.

The goal is to get people excited for all the songs they will hear live & even more important, a keepsake to forever look back and remember this musical moment in time, captured all in the mixes.

John Beaver

You can learn (and hear) more about the Coachella’s insane dance mixes at

Stay Tuned!

Be sure to stay on the look out for John Beaver, as we can expect ground breaking things from these up and coming DJs!

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3 of Las Vegas’ Top Resident DJs Become 2019 HeartRadio Music Awards Nominees, And We Couldn’t be More Stoked.

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With over 37 categories, including ‘Song of the Year”, “Female Artist” and ‘Alternative Song” the IHeartRadio Music Awards is shaping up to be one monumental night in music history. Last Friday, the IHeartRadio Music Awards released the nominees for their 5th annual awards ceremony which is to commence at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles at 5:00 PM EPT. The massive nominees list reveals a startling plethora of dance music artists, some who are up for more than 6 nominations such as Marshmello, who is up for “Best New Pop Artist”.

Other artists like Zedd, who blessed us with his song “The Middle” featuring Maren Morris & Grey, received 4 nominations, Calvin Harris recieved 3 nominations and many more artists locked down their own handful of much deserved nominations as well, spanning over categories such as “Best Collab” to “Best Dance Song”.

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Although iHeartRadio won’t include an award for the Best New Dance Artist, there are “Dance Song of the Year”, and “Best Dance Artist of the Year” Awards up for grabs, which artists like The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Kygo, Zedd, And Calvin Harris are expected to be some of the big names taking home awards that night.

Dance Song of the Year is definitely an honor, one giving not only bragging rights for a year, but recognition that that song MADE 2018. And the competition this year is damn fierce.

“The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey; “Happier” by Marshmello featuring Bastille; “Remind Me to Forget” by Kygo featuring Miguel; “One Kiss” by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa; or “Friends” by Marshmello and Anne-Marie.

The beautiful thing about the IHeartRadio Music Awards is not just the stunning fashion and the amazing music, but the diversity of musicians and artists coming together and being recognized under one roof. In a press release, Tom Poleman, Chief Programming Officer for IHeartRadio, stated:

“ What makes our IHeartRadio Music Awards categories so special is that they truly reflect the artists, songs, and moments that have defined this past year’s entertainment. We can’t wait to see who wins”

Voting for this years IHeartMusic Awards can be done via Twitter from January 9 and voting closes on March 7th.

Be sure to visit the Official iHeart Radio website for more news and information on the year’s most anticipated awards ceremony!

Getter Deletes Vlogs To Avoid Youtube Copyright Strikes

Getter’s Youtube seems emptier now than it did a week ago, and the universe is definitely less funnier.

Copyright strikes on SoundCloud have affected a number of producers in the past. Now, they cause turmoil and hell for Youtube creators.

If you haven’t been a devoted subscriber of Getter’s What The Frick tour vlog, it seems counterproductive to even consider hitting the subscribe button. More than half of his outrageously hilarious vids have been nixed due to background music.

On Jan. 25, Getter tweeted:

It is a huge bummer and an even bigger buzz kill for all who follow his hilarious Youtube channel. Rather than going agro on the entire Youtube platform, he chose to comply and gutted his channel. 

WTF Youtube?

Not only are false copyright claims running rampant all over Youtube; it is nearly impossible to resolve them thanks to Youtube’s current polices. Creators are required to reach out to the claimant to request the claim to be resolved. To add insult to injury, the claimant has the right to resolve to not resolve the claim made.  Fabulous.

Anyone even remotely active in the Youtube creator community knows the platform’s copyright system needs a major overhaul. Even stipulating that the content in your video may not belong to you does not defend you against the backwards and outdated copyright laws. 

Getter made all a bit teary-eyed when he updated Twitter that his infamous channel was ka-put. We feel for you, dude.

With many videos on Youtube with background belonging to other artists, producers or creators, it seems that Youtube will become obsolete as many are seeking new domains for their content. 

It seems impossible to skirt around these ridiculous copyright strikes, and it is making it difficult to maintain channels with heavy foot traffic. Youtube is most definitely the recipient of the “Hater of the Year Award.”

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Getter’s Youtube channel is a vast wasteland at this point, however you can still find his ridiculousness on his other popular social media sites. Hopefully in the future, copyright laws chill out. 

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Diplo Comments on Sexuality in Twitter Exchange, “Masculinity is A Prison.”

Superstar DJ, Diplo is under speculation as his sexuality comes into question.

A recent Tw6itter ‘back-and-forth’ between the multi-Award winning artist and a fellow  @User, have awaken suspicions aimed towards the nature of Diplo’s sexual orientation.
What seemed like a very casual, conversational tweet, turned into a rather ‘short’ twitter joust, after Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr. ,(Better Recognized As) Diplo, correlated popular TV Series Gossip Girl’s fictional character, Blair Waldorf to leading character Tony Soprano.


Soon after, another Twitter follower responded, tweeting: “Y’all sure he is str8?”

Diplo wasted no time clapping back in Diplo-like fashion with “Masculinity is a prison.” Arguably one of his deepest yet complex tweets to date for sure many struggles to decipher the meaning behind these words.

A few other circumstances have fueled speculation concerning Pentz’s personal life. Fathering two children with ex, Kathryn Lockhart, Diplo has been seen immersed within the LGBTQ community. Diplo’s advocacy for LGBTQ rights is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. He famously shared a kiss with Brazilian drag queen, Pabllo Vittar, in their “Entao Val” music video, causing Twitter mayhem. This is not the first time he’s caused a buzz as he has openly referred to himself as “half-gay” in a similar Twitter exchange that took place back in 2016.

EDM is a culture that embraces not just the many music and festival lovers but the artists. It honestly doesn’t matter what Diplo’s sexual preference is or what he identifies as. His true fans see him as a symbol of diversity and acceptance. 

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ED(FE)M Spotlight: Make Way for Ms. Mos

Happy International Women’s Day EDM Family!

It’s IWD, and what kind of day would it be if we didn’t show a little love to our Damsels of the Decks?

Boy, move.

With so many Femme Fatals on the rise in the EDM world, (Rezz, Alison Wonderland and Toki Monsta to name a few) there is no doubt that women are making their territorial mark on house music.

One female EDM artist bass dropping her way to the top of the techno world is 26 year old Italian DJ & Vocalist, Georgia Mos.

Voted 59th Best DJ by DJane Magazine in 2017, she is quickly gaining momentum in the DJ World. Georgia has performed at both 1Oak in New York, Nikki Beach in Miami and in 2016 she competed on the Italian reality contest Top DJ

Watch Georgia Mos slay the judges on Top DJ below:

Georgia Mos has definitely developed a style all her own with her music, evident in songs like her 2018 track “See the Light” and her most recent track “Maya“.

DJ Femmini si Uniscono!

The DJ world is full of testosterone, which in the hard hitting world of Riddim, it’s deemed somewhat essential. But damn it if it doesn’t feel good to see Female DJs wreck decks just as violent as the guys.

I can’t wait to hear (and see) more of what Georgia Mos brings to the big ol House table. And I’m sure the rest of the house heads eagerly await her next show.

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Insomniac Announces Camp EDC – Thursday Night Kickoff Party

Are You Ready for Camp EDC?

2019 will mark the second year that the flagship Las Vegas incarnation of Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival and revelers with EDC camping passes will get to turn up an extra evening. Welcome back Camp EDC!

Providing a new level of submersion for the illustrious festival, Camp EDC is an experience all itself. The details surrounding Camp EDC have been a hot topic amongst attendees. As of now, a bit more info surrounding he Kickoff Party is sure to pacify your Festival Withdrawals.

Camp EDC – Thursday Night & Special Amenities

Special Guests

Overflowing with activities, pool parties and much more, the music for Thursday night’s festivities feature some reputable names of EDM. This year, Fisher tops the bill with support by Tech House up & comers Latmun, Little Fritter, Mason Maynard & Mele. 

Lodge in Pods!

If you’ve only seen but have never experienced Camp EDC, you’ve probably thought, “What’s with the alien pods all over the place?”. Those igloo type structures known as ShiftPods, are famous for being the go to for festival goers and outdoors enthusiasts everywhere.

Reflective, insulated, and not to mention comfy, ShiftPod is a Festival (or Vegas-dweller)’s dream come true. Festival Season is upon us, and ShiftPod being fully aware of this, is giving away a FREE ShiftPod to new subscribers.

To learn more about ShiftPods, Click Here!

Will you be partying Camp EDC Style?

EDC Las Vegas’ 2019 Camp EDC Thursday Night Kickoff Party will start May 16 from 8pm-3am at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 
The remainder of EDC will run May 17-19. If you are a devoted attendee you know the traffic can get crazy so plan ahead and leave early.

EDC Las Vegas Camp EDCphoto courtesy of EDC Las Vegas

More details about the 2019 edition of Camp EDC will be surfacing in the coming months. Information surrounding the on-site activities, daily pool parties, exclusive amenities, and more are still yet to be announced so make sure to stay tuned.

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Will you be joining Camp EDC this year at EDC Las Vegas?