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Florida Born DJ, KOLEKLEIN Brings Beasty East Coast Bass to Vegas

If you’re dedicated to the Las Vegas DubStep scene, you’ll know that KOLEKLEIN’s name is doing more than just ringing bells in our heads these days.

Since he moved here to this foresaken desert, he’s done nothing short of fitting right in with us natives.

{We} all got to really hear what KOLEKLEIN had to bring from Florida, being one of the DJs featured at one of The Evil Twin’s Enterainment’s well-known ( and well ducked off) desert raves; where he performed in his new home in Vegas for the first time.

Other than getting bit by what I’m sure was a scorpion out there in the dunes, seeing KOLEKLEIN in his TRUE element was defintiley the best feeling, since we had been discussing his move prior to it happening.

I first released the track review for his track ‘Atomic Blast‘ back in April of this year, and since then, the drops have persistently gotten filthier.

Aside from a track review, I felt the {EDM} world should at least get to really know who KOLEKLEIN is; and if moving to Vegas was worth it.


You’re originally from Florida! What was it like growing up there?

I was surrounded by my amazing family and friends that have went above and beyond supporting me and my music career. Everything about Florida was a blessing to me and I couldn’t have wished to grow up anywhere else.

You recently moved to Las Vegas; what was the reason for the big move? Are you happy you made the decision to come out here?

I moved to Las Vegas to take my music career to the next step and continue my journey as a creator.

Besides the heat, whats the hardest part about living in Las Vegas?

KOLEKLEINPhoto Credit: @cassgrantmedia

The hardest part about living in Vegas is being 2000+ miles away from my family. I really wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my family.

Has the change in scenery and coastal differences influenced your music in any way? 

I have definitely gotten that west coast vibe being here and the desert has influenced me to start an Egyptian style track, so look out for that in the near future.

You’re very well known by your alien persona. Is there an origin story behind that?

We are all alive for a reason, and even when we feel different or can’t fit in with everyone else, doesn’t mean you aren’t just as great or even greater than them. It’s okay to be different, don’t try to fit in, be yourself, you are far more intelligent than any human construct we have been taught. This reality is a reflection of your own mind, break the illusion, open your eye, be an ALIEN.

Photo credit: @Itsvictoracampo

Your dubstep is utterly filthy. Are there any bass gods you look to as inspiration for your music ?

Hekler, Moonboy, Jool and Nexu5, are some of my favorite producers.

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Felguk: The True Pioneers of House Music

Who Are Felguk?

Packing dancefloors since 2007, Brazillian duo Fel[Felipe Lozinsky] Guk[ Gustavo Rozenthal] combination: Felguk have been paving the way for other artists since house music started to really blossom.

It’s safe to say that they qualify as the part of the group of pioneer DJ’s who really finessed house and made it what it is today.

The dynamic DJ duo really broke out when their single ‘2Nite’ the single was featured on the EDC 2010 offical trailer. Does anyone else get the nasalgistic feels watching the trailer, too?

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Mask Off: The Man Behind the Gas Mask, DJ Blown

As you guys know, it has been a summer of firsts for me as far as the festival circuit is concerned. Along the way I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet both pioneers of the EDM scene, as well as some reputable up and comers. One honorable mention that has stuck with me so far, is Tyler Webb AKA DJ Blown.

I met Tyler via Instagram a week or two after Bass Canyon, and was pschyed to hear that he would be performing at Lost Lands (Presented by Excision) in the up & coming weeks. I was even more elated to know he had just enough free time to let me pick his brain a little bit.

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Meet the Damsel of Dubstep: Jessica Audiffred

With her neck-breaking set at Bass Canyon still fresh in our minds, Jessica Audiffred is becoming the queen of Head Bang hierarchy.

Jessica Audiffred

The B2B(x9)

Bass Canyon 2019

Just a couple weekends ago, I got the opportunity to attend my first Bass Canyon presented by Excision, and I have a renewed love for Dubstep and heavy bass in my face. With 3 days of head banging filthy dubs, a plethora of different vendors. not to mention that VIEW,  Bass Canyon was made memorable by the pioneers of bass literally vibrating the Gorge for 72 hours.

Day 3

On the night of Day 3, Excision blessed us all with a special B2B2B2…(2B). I kid you not, it was one hell of a function on the booth. Towards the end, he brought out one of the many memorable and up and coming artists, Jessica Audiffred.

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The Festival Season’s Hottest Fashions



We are now Deep house- deep in festival season, and it’s definitely not simmering down anytime soon.  The festival circuit’s most monumental line-ups to date, gorgeous venues and jaw-dropping art installations aren’t the only things making festivals lit AF. The public figures and fashionistas of the rave community have been the main highlights this summer season.

We Heart IHeartRaves

Major companies like IHeartRaves  is one of the most influential apparel companies in the festival community by far right now and one the BT has grown to love since my first EDC.  Widely known on the Gram, their assortment of Pasties, leggings, shoes and accessories, they have anything you can think of to make you look your absolute RAVE BEST. Not to mention, they sell apparel and accessories for men too!

Be sure to visit their online store:

“It’s Lit”

If you’re anything like me, it’s ALL about the lights at festivals and shows. LED apparel company Led It B is a great festival fashion find; specializing in LED masks, gadgets and apparel. (‘Hey bro, wanna light a show?) See more of their gloves, gadgets, and masks at:

Slayin the Summer

Seattle based festival apparel company SLAYR Apparel is an up and coming fashion site that is rapidly becoming popular on social media. Their apparel is breathable, comfy and not mention handmade, which means a whole lotta love went into these pieces! Right now, they are hosting a giveaway on their Instagram click the link to find out how you could win a free festie fit!

Be sure to stop by and visit their Official Etsy !


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Why You Should Learn to Shuffle For Health and Style

Physical Health & Mental Health Benefits of Shuffling

Dancing for exercise has been around for as long as those body shaking machines. Jazzercise and belly dancing for cardiovascular you can find at most gyms, and you can find pamphlets discussing how formal dancing like tango and ballroom are good for your brain and can help keep off some mental health issues as we get older.

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