IG: @itskoleklein

KOLEKLEIN’s “Atomic Blast” is a Head Banger’s Wet Dream.

While the rest of us are busy Spring cleaning, KOLEKLEIN has been hard at work manifesting “Atomic Bomb” ; and it is down right FILTHY.

This track wastes literally no time, with the drop within the first minute. Think of a Venus flytrap: Draws you in slowly, almost trance like before it snatches you up whole.

“Atomic Blast” is an insane hybrid dubstep, with just the right amounts of synth and snare to satisfy even the most pickiest of EDM palates.

“Atomic Blast” Now on SoundCloud!

About the Artist:

Tampa based producer Kole Klein [recognized as his single moniker KOLEKLEIN] is a 22 year old Dubstep producer, whose music is not of this earth. Describing his style as a collection of distortion digital and metallic sounds, he has created a sound all his own.

I don’t look to others for inspiration on my own art. I let energy and creativity flow within me and whatever I hear inside of my head I produce.


“Hard & Loud”

After listening to several tracks, there’s quite a few words that could describe how colossal the sound is: Hard and Loud AF. KOLEKLEIN is most definitely can cause a few handrails to be yanked out of the ground. But as face melting and hard-knocking as his beats are, The guy’s a gentle soul, who believes in the power of energies, and their ability to give you full control of your reality. I think that’s a beat we can all head bang to.

“My whole purpose in life is to spread love and positivity, that I truly care about each person on this earth, and want to bring joy and happiness to those in need of it”


Gotta Blast..

As of right now, there is talk of several collabs [I’m hoping for a Moonboy & KOLEKLEIN collab personally], and even an up and coming tour. Make sure to follow KOLEKLEIN on social media to stay up on all new music and tour dates!


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