DJ John Beaver & Thomas Radman kick off Coachella with a Special Underground Mix

This year’s Coachella is about to be the most iconic it as ever been for the duo as they celebrate 15 years of rocking the desert.

The festival season’s most anticipated event will be made even more incredible, as mix master DJ John Beaver and Thomas Radman have put together an underground dance mix featuring all of the Techno, Deep House, and Progressive artists to perform this year.

Every year, they create mixes featuring all of the artists that play the festival, and this year the mix DJs have banged out 4 mixes in total to set the mood for edm lovers attending Coachella this year.

As of right now, the underground dance mix is out now, with the remaining mixes to be released next Friday!

DJ John Beaver & Thomas Radman Scorch Their Way Through the Desert

This year’s event is a special one for Coachella’s mix DJs, John Beaver and Thomas Radman as it is their 5th year performing at Coachella. Already gaining popularity, They’ve set fire to several of the desert stages; from the massive Sahara Tent to the vast campgrounds.

The goal is to get people excited for all the songs they will hear live & even more important, a keepsake to forever look back and remember this musical moment in time, captured all in the mixes.

John Beaver

You can learn (and hear) more about the Coachella’s insane dance mixes at

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